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Every Day Black Man
Every Day Black Man – Dir. Carmen Madden:
In theaters Summer 2009

The story of Moses Stanton who leaves his violent past behind him to run a small neighborhood store and watch over his daughter. When a young man, Malik, comes in claiming to be a black Muslim that is doing good for the neighborhood, Moses takes him on as a partner but soon realizes that Malik is nothing but a drug dealer seeking to destroy the neighborhood and Moses’s daughter. Therefore, Moses must become the man he used to b e in order to save his beloved neighborhood and his daughter.

Every Day Black Man
Lucky to Be Somewhere – Dir. Jeff Hamid and Torin Simpson:

This film short is the story of a business man who gets by just fine in his crooked world. After a chance encounter with a seductress, he is thrust into an unlikely situation that lands him with a bag full of money and a trail of dust behind him. Chris (Ed L. Gillies III) is at the wrong place at the wrong time. Or, depending on how it turns out, the wrong place at the right time.

Mercury Rules
Mercury’s Rule – Dir. Jaylani Roberts:
Production begins Jan 2009

“Mercury’s Rule” is a gritty, provocative vendetta story which is based out of Oakland. The story follows two sisters, Dana 14, and Shana 11, who after being homeless find themselves in the custody of a rising druglord, Mercury (Ed L. Gillies). At a young age they begin working for Mercury and years later Mercury is killed in the middle of Oakland’s biggest drug war. The sisters embark on a journey like no other to avenge Mercury’s death but can they get out before paying with their lives.

First Born – Dir. Tiffany Golden

The story is about an African-American family, struggling with a past of depression, abuse, lost dreams and death. The heartbreaking death of famous jazz singer Audrey Wilson, leaves her husband Eli (Ed L. Gillies III) and two teenage daughters in turmoil. The charismatic pastor and his troubled wife offer support, but through a series of difficult and extraordinary events, the family must learn to maneuver and heal despite Eli’s emotional paralysis, Nika’s anger and Daja’s sensitivity.They must come to understand the wealth of generosity, love and creativity within their reach just by being their true selves and learning to see each other’s gifts and talents.